Corona Virus Updates 

On this page, we will keep you up to date with Covid-19 news connected with Holy Trinity Church, Old Hill. The links on the right (on a laptop) or in the drop-down menu (mobile/tablet) give you some more information.

- We have taken the decision only to live-stream services at present. With the new strain and the very high infection rate in Sandwell we wanted to express our support for our NHS workers, protect those involved in the services, and not put congregation members in awkward situations.
- The new pattern of services is as follows:

Sunday Morning Service Evening Service
1st Sunday of the month 10:15am All Age 6:30pm Worship & Word
2nd Sunday 10:15am All Age 6:30pm Evening Prayer
3rd Sunday  10:15am Worship & Word 6:30pm Evening Prayer
4th Sunday 10:15am Sunday Club Service 6:30pm Evening Prayer
5th Sunday 10:15am All Age 6:30pm Evening Prayer

All will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel:

More information:
- Funerals can happen in church with up to 30 people present. Contact the church office on 01384 411592

- Weddings can take place in urgent circumstances and with up to 6 people present. Contact the church office on 01384 411592.

- Baptisms cannot currently take place.

Nick Gowers, 16/03/2020