Banns -

Getting married at another church

Congratulations on your engagement!  It's great that you are getting married in church.

You've probably clicked on this link because you are getting married in another Church of England church but need your banns read at Holy Trinity.
In which case, check that you are in our parish using this link < >.
If you are, then you need to do two things:
1. Come along on a Sunday to our 10:30am service.
2. Register on this form so that we can then get back to you and arrange to meet you before we call your Banns.

When we meet you will need to bring:
  • yourself
  • and photographic proof of ID and nationality and proof of address.
We look forward to meeting you.
The statutory fee for Banns in 2022 is:
  • £32 to have your banns called
  • £16 for the certificate.
Making a total of £47.