Clock and chimes 

The clock and chimes began working again in December 2020 after almost 2 years out of action. For some it took a while to readjust (or, for those new to Old Hill, get used) to the reinstatement of the chimes.  As ever, we apologise for any broken night's sleep and hope that in time the chimes will prove to be a comfort.

Here's why it is significant that the clock and chimes are working again:

Holy Trinity Church building was completed in April 1876. The building included a tower which was the proud possessor of a clock and a peal of bells. A. E. Woodall's church history says:

Messrs Taylor, of Loughborough, supplied the bells, at a cost of £960, and Messrs. Joyce, of Whitchurch, supplied the clock, for £160. This clock had grey slate places, with gilt numerals and hands. These were replaced in the early nineteen-twenties by the present illuminated dials.

For over 140 years the clock and chime rang out the hour, day and night over Old Hill. 

In late 2018, high level refurbishment work to the tower began which required the clock and chimes to fall silent for the duration of the work. We had so many comments asking when the clock and chime would be reinstated. The 'village' feel has been much missed.

Although the high level work was completed in 2019, in the course of the work the clock was sadly vandalised. Since then we have had to save up for the repairs which were kindly completed by Smiths of Derby in time for the Community Lights Switch-On on 28th November 2020. After two years of silence, once again the clock and chimes ring out across Old Hill.

As this little bit of much-loved heritage once again becomes part of the fabric of the community of Old Hill, we apologise for any inconvenience caused in the mean time.

Videos in the tower
As part of publicity for the Lights Switch On we filmed some videos in the church tower. Here are a couple of them, showing the bells and frame and the clock face room.